transclaudia means live writing with computer, and real-time translating via internet for all workshop participants und the public.

transclaudia 1The writer Hoefler, and the author and performer Schrettle were invited to translate synchronously each lecture and all discussions during the workshop Political Landscape. Both worked with their computers as quick a a shorthand writer. One notebook was connected to the net, and a software translated all text into english. The translation was screened and made visible to each participant. The text was kept on the wall as long as it got replaced by the subsequently following words. All spoken words were noted down this way, translated on-the-fly, in real time and saved. The writing could be changed or corrected at any time. Both writers intertwined personal remarks or notes of the public in order to densify the simple translation. transclaudia 2The actors were changing functions once a while. Due to technical problems they began to improvise rather soon. One noted down the german wordings, and his companion translated them directly into english. A description full of dense atmosphere was the result, and memory lines in addition for the english tongues. All notes are accessible with the PDF attached.

Max Höfler und Johannes Schrettle