About the Institute for Art in Public Space

Initialisation, and the best possible support of art projects that are realised outside closed spaces and museums in real-world as well as in digital, virtual space, form the pillars of the Institute of Art in Public Space. Permanent and temporary works by regional, national and international artists of proven quality are developed and implemented here for the whole of Styria.

Issues such as: What is public space? Who does it belong to? Who uses it? How do we approach and deal with it? What political, social, economic and ecological issues does it open up – in addition to other issues which are relevant to society?

are publicly debated in this regard. They are illustrated and made accessible in the form of thematically-oriented art projects in the urban and rural environment. A wide range of disciplines such as the visual and performing arts, literature, music, approaches to architecture and interdisciplinary forms of contemporary art are all taken into consideration.

Elisabeth Fiedler / Dirck Möllmann